Being small in a big World

Since i was born I’ve been very tiny due to my disease “Russel Silver Syndrome” (R.S.S) I was 3 lbs. I’ve always been really small. There was never a time when i was average, or close to the height of a kid my age. In fact I was always teased due to my height. By the time I had embarked into my first year of school all of my classmates, or really anyone around me would tease me because I was so small, and developmentally I was slow. 

 People around me gave me the nickname “Baby”. Now I’m not sure if they just gave me that nickname because i was just really gorgeous, or just tiny. Considering i had “Russel Silver Syndrome” (R.S.S) I had assumed it was because i was so small. Even though I liked thinking it was because I was a babe, and thinking girls were just flirting with me. Unfortunately It was because I was about a foot smaller than everyone else And possibly because i had developmenta, educational, and social issues which resulted most likely by my stroke. I was very socially awkward. That was always a big problem also up until I was early into my eighteenth year.

 I broke out of my shell a lot in the last year, and am pretty friendly and the opposite. People used to try as hard as they could to get me to talk but now they can’t get me to be quiet at times. In fact up until i was in first grade Nobody knew i could talk at all. When i was in first grade I was getting picked up from school, and a classmate screamed “BABY CAN TALK!!” I was still super shy even past that I would only talk to people I’ve known for a long time. Which made it hard to make friends. Although I did have one amazing friend and still do named Mom.

 Anyways I had a lot of developmental, and educational slowness there-for I had a Para in school. If you don’t know what a Para is. It is a personal Educational helper who would also help you with your developmental problems and help you overcome them. Sort of like an assistant teacher who works with kids personally rather than in a big group. Due to my stroke i had to learn to walk and talk again so she would help me with speech and talking sort of. 

About my proportional dwarfism. It was not very fun going through school being as short as I was. You would get bullied, teased, and mocked due to everybody being so much taller than me. I don’t remember a whole lot of my elementary school years So, I will jump into my middle school years. Middle school is not ideal especially when you’re short. I got bullied quite a bit in middle school because of my height both physically and mentally. For an example, There was this one time i was in the boys locker room about to get ready to swim when a boy grabs me by the neck and was practically strangling me. I then told my mom and they made me and him go to the principals office and explain what happened. I told the principle I was just minding my own business not even talking to the other boys when he just decides to put his hands around my neck and was basically strangling me for about fifteen seconds. I had told him what happened and the boy says “I was just playing” That was his excuse. It’s not like we were friends and he was literally playing with me, he just wanted attention and a laugh from his friends at the time. This generation “playing” to kids is trying to get attention or a laugh from friends in an attempt to “Look cool” at the moment. From another kid in particular I was pushed, pinched, and verbally bullied by a different bully. I actually had a lot of bullies in middle school which You’d never expect would come from such a school. It was the school on the campus of National Jewish Hospital. You would think they would be more cautious about this topic. The staff, and the students. The staff should know better considering there’s so much in the media about bullying cases , and kids with chronic illnesses seem to be the target of bullying. So, You’d think they would be more aware, and enforce more often. I was always too short, and too skinny to retaliate and fight back. Even if I did I’d get beaten up if I did because i was so small, therefore not as strong as my opressor. 

 Being small in high school was definitely terrible because people at that age start growing a lot. Although i was not bullied in High school, I have gotten a lot of rude short comments and people saying “There’s no way you’re in high school.” I try not to let those comments get to me, but its kind of difficult to ignore. Being short definitely makes you less confidant and makes you think less of yourself and makes you feel insecure. 

 Being short is not ideal, but you can’t let people get to you and make you less confident. In the long run, Height does not matter It’s your personality that makes you, You! God made you special and you need to remember, our differences are what makes us special. We need to be confident that we are incredibly made. We can do anything if we just put our minds to it a believe in ourselves. 

 Thank you for reading this blog post. Leave a comment I’d love your advice on this post! Thank you for your support! If you liked my blog, Tell your friends and lets educate people on problems like these, and my diseases! Stay tuned for my next post and take care! 😉

18 thoughts on “Being small in a big World

  1. midlifewifeandmom says:

    Hi Avery. First off, I love the title of your blog. It’s very clever.

    I live in Philly and saw a link to your blog on FB. You’ve led a very interesting life and I look forward to reading more. I would especially like to hear more about your music.

    Keep writing!

    JJ in Philly

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  2. Tom Ammentorp says:

    Hey Avery, love your new blog! Great job and I really admire your bravery. You are the toughest person I know and am proud to be your friend and your “Uncle”.
    So cool you love Johnny Cash btw. Your singing voice sounds just like him!

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  3. Denise Anderson says:

    Avery, writing your own blog is awesome! What a great way to express your feelings and educate others around you! I found it very interesting hearing about your life story and can’t wait to hear more. You have a gift for writing like your mom! Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading more!

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  4. Pat Ingle says:

    My grandson, Brandon, is 14 and has the same problem in school. The bullies are horrible! And, I think, the teachers are worse because they don’t know what to do, so they ignore the situation. Brandon frequently feels that he cannot trust adults to come to his aid. Did you ever feel that way?? I try to help him to understand that although he is small physically (something he cannot change) the bullies are mentally and spiritually small, and that hopefully someday they will grow in both areas. I am going to have Bran read your blog, I think it will help him to know that he is not alone, not the only one. Hugs to you Avery! Thank you so much for putting yourself out there, and helping other kids not feel so alone.

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  5. Mike Christmas says:

    Avery, you have clearly overcome many obstacles and are blossoming into a confident young man. Bullying must have been particularly hard to deal with especially on top of all the medical issues. You can put the bullying behind you now, but the bullies will have to live with their actions for the rest of their lives. Keep writing!

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  6. Mike Kontrelos says:

    Another well written and valuable blog Avery! To know the strong, gregarious, funny, secure young man you are today it is an even greater testament to your character considering the cruel bullying, health and social emotional issues you endured in middle school. I personally have witnessed you take wing from when I first met you in high school. My classes have some of the toughest kids and you
    Came into my room with a shy smile and non-judgemental attitude which instantly made you a respected favorite of my other students. You have endured much to share much and I am a huge fan of yours Avery…but you already know that!

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  7. Tammi says:

    Hi Avery. Kids can be so cruel. I’m sure he’s told you, Dylan ,Lexie, and Leah were bullied for being tall! And guess what? Lexie is on My Giant life!! So you just never know what God will put in your path! Just as I suspect God has put writing on your heart to educate others! Thanks for being so honest. Looking forward to more!

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  8. Debbie says:

    Hey Avery,
    Love your blog. Getting stuff out on paper is not always easy but you have expressed a lot here. Keep it up! You don’t have to be small or ill to be attacked by bullies. Often times bullies are just trying to make themselves look or feel bigger and more important so they choose an easy target. I would say when they finally grow up, most bullies will feel badly about how they have treated people.
    Keep on enjoying music and take care!

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  9. henna says:

    Hey Avery! I really admire all of your wisdom and your choice to learn from every tough situation instead of getting discouraged and staying down. Thank you for being so honest and sharing your life with us, personally it’s a huge encouragement. Even though what you have had to overcome has never been easy, it is beautiful to see your perspective and how much you have grown. You have an incredible strength and gift of encouragement which come from God, and I’m so happy you’ve chosen to share it through this blog!

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  10. ToWriteLove09 says:

    Hey Avery! I admire all of your wisdom and your choice to learn from every tough situation instead of getting discouraged and staying down. Thank you for being so honest and sharing your life with us, personally it’s a huge encouragement. Even though life has never been easy, it is beautiful to see your unique perspective and how much you have grown. You have an incredible strength and gift of encouragement which come from God, and I’m excited you’ve chosen to share it through this blog!

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  11. Crystal says:

    Hey Avery! Thank you for your blog post and the performance. You are such a brave, strong and awesome young man! I love your sense of humor and pray that you will have an awesome night and a fantastic day tomorrow. Keep on being awesome and keep fighting! – Crystal


  12. Kathleen says:


    My 12 year old has RSS and a great deal of GI issues. Our kids made a learn so much about ourself as parents and about life!
    Love your singing video. You asked for honesty, so here goes…..when you feel confident it shows you hold the notes
    You got ‘TUDE you got strength in your voice. So if the camera is making you nervous think about everyone wearing their underwear watching, you will have that perfect smile and you will hit it every time.
    Thanks for sharing and keep fighting! God gave you a gift – share it!


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