Best Prom EVER!!!

Best Prom EVER!

This Saturday, at Thomas Jefferson high school, I had the best night I’ve ever had in my Life! It was my senior prom. Last year I planned to go, but ended up in the hospital instead. I redid my whole senior year again because I was in the hospital way to much and I missed all of the things you get to do as a senior.

I have the most amazing friends and they came to make my night as special as they could possibley make it. The people that came were two bronco players, And three bachelor contestants. They are the coolest people ever, and made my night so amazing. The ones who came to share the night were Brandon McMannus, Riley Dickson from the Denver Broncos, and from the bachelor were Ben Higgins, JJ Lane, and lauren Bushnell and one of my best friends Dylan. My date, was my moms friends daughter. They went kindergarten through 12th grade together. So, Not only did i have all these amazing people, but i also had an amazing, beautiful date.

So the reason we got all of these amazing famous people was one of my good friends JJ Lane, We ran into him in the mall. I really think God put him there just at the right time. I told him all about the night, and how i did not have a group to go with. I do not know a lot of people at TJ because I’m always in the hospital so I don’t have any friends. JJ right away said he would go. He hadn’t gone to prom yet. He called up all of these people and asked them if they would go, and they said yes. I did not think that they would actually come considering they are all such busy people and are famous and just did not think they would be able to make it so I did not get my hopes up. I didn’t want to plan on it and then feel bad because it didn’t work out. That happens a lot to me for some reason. So I wasn’t going to let that happen again. Anyways, he texted all of them and got them to go, and I could just not believe they said yes.I was out of my mind excited.

My mom was making plans for me. When she talked to them she gave them three options. She said “Would you guys like to meet up at Olive garden, pictures, or the dance?” Not thinking they would ever want to show up for pictures to a teenagers prom. I mean they’re really busy because they’re so cool. She gave them those three options, and thought for sure there was no way they would ever want to come to pictures, they surprised us all, and said “No, We’re all in, we’re comming to all of it, pictures too!” So, They came to that as well. My school was really cool and said they could all come. I couldn’t believe it was all working out.

If anybody watches the bachelor, they know the bachelors and the rose ceramonies. i wanted to let them know I appreciated them so I got all of them Red roses, and asked all of them “Will you accept this rose?” I put them all on a silver platter with my grandmas help. They all said yes. I maybe should have just asked them if they’d accept this rose and be my friend.

We drove in the coolest car ever, a bentley SUV, a $241,000 car and it was by far the nicest, and most expensive car I’d ever gone to prom in. I could not believe how nice it was. We didn’t eat or drink in it, you could never eat or drink in a car like that. I don’t think my house cost thaat much. I’d have to live in it if I had one of those. Anyway everybody thought it was just the coolest car Not only a kid driving to prom in a Bentley SUV, but Brandon McManus and Riley dickson were driving us. Everyone was so nice. Ben gave a super cool toast two times and Lauren and her friend were so nice to me. They all were nice to me. They stayed the hole night and even went to after prom and rode the big trikes and ran through the blow up obstacle thing. It was the most awesome night ever. It really was like a make a wish, but even better because they did it because they wanted to. They didn’t do it because they had to. That means so much to me. They are really my friends. They didn’t do it for publicity or anything, they did it because they care about me, and honestly, that’s the best part of the night. I have some new friends and they’re super cool. I don’t have a lot of real friends just Dylan and JJ , steven and Peter and Mr Kontrelos so they mean a lot to me.

So, Overall, It was just a truly amazing, magical night.

and was by far the best night I’ve ever had, and the best prom i’ve ever had.