The Power Of Positive Thinking

Sometimes I wake up and I wish I was someone else. I wish my body didn’t hurt so bad and that each day wasn’t a struggle. Have you ever felt that way? Thought life was just not worth getting up for? On days like these, I’ve learned to think positively. What is positive thinking?
Positive thinking is thinking everything is going to work out and or thinking highly of someone or something rather than thinking negatively. It really helps your perspective. Since I spend a lot of time in hospitals I’ve learned this is really important because you obviously want everything to go right and it gives hope in trying new things. When you think negatively, like thinking something isnt going to work, it probably won’t.
Positive thinking really plays a big role in happiness. I think if you start thinking you are unhappy, it usually goes to your head, and it actually will probably make you less happy, and vice versa. As well as if you believe you’re going to be successful you probably will actually have a better shot at acheiving your goal. Positivety can honestly change your whole perspective on life and life itself for you. If one is positive about everything in life, they are just happy, they find the good in all things. Sometimes life makes it hard to be positive but if you work at it and truly look at the full picture, you can find good in almost anything. Recently there was the terrible shooting in Las Vegas. What a terrible tragedy. So many lives lost needlessly. We feel sick about it and are so saddened. We need to honor them, but I think those that lost their lives would want us to focus on the difference they made in life. There was also a lot of heroes that came out of that terrible situation. I think we need to try and focus on that.
Positivety is the key to happiness. when people ask you “How are you doing”, and you say you are not doing well, you start thinking it in your mind, and your body starts believing you’re not doing well, and it becomes a fact eventually. I think if you say you’re doing well, your body will believe it, and it will become a fact. I know it isn’t easy to do. Sometimes life just doesn’t seem to go the way you want to and you slip into negativity. That’s ok, the next day you just get up and start over. That’s the blessing of life, each day is a new start. You get another chance to do things better.
When you are in the hospital alot like me, you must be positive in able to get better. you say “This is going to work” you will have a better chance of the treatment working. Same thing if you are thinking negatively you dont have as good of a chance of the treatment working as if you were positive about it. I believe God can heal me, and if he doesn’t, well then there is a bigger purpose. A purpose I can’t understand now, but I will someday. I can choose to be angry that I’m sick, or I can choose to try and make a difference in the midst of it. I can use the time that I have to do good and I hope to help others.
The message i would like to send with you is to be positive, think positive. Thinking positively can really change your life and give you a higher success rate of achieving your goals. It will lead to happiness, and will make you more confident and have more peace of mind. Negativity will lead to unhappiness and depression. Life isn’t always going to be perfect. We will go through sadness and some suffering, but we aren’t alone and we can get through it. My favorite bible verse is Psalm 30:5. It says, “Weeping may endure for the night, but Joy comes with the morning.” We have a right to weep and feel sad, but we need to know that joy will come with the morning. We will find happiness again and if we are searching for the good, we can be positive and find it quicker. I know, sometimes morning doesn’t seem to come quick enough, I’ve been there. On a night that the pain is so bad I can hardly stand it I focus on that fact that I am not alone. Christ is beside me and that there will be a day I will wake up and have no more pain.
Is it hard for you to be positive? Do you struggle with finding the good in all things? I challenge you to spend one day, looking for the good, counting your blessing and practicing gratitude. It is life changing and so freeing. You can do anything, you just have to believe.