The job of finding purpose

Today i’ll be talking about the job that has positively impacted my life, and has made me a better person, as well as made me learn so many valueble lessons about myself, others, and just generally essential skills. This job started off known as Pizzability, a pizzeria with the amazing concept of hiring adults with all types of disabilities / abilities, making the world a better place creating job opportunities for said people otherwisemay not have. I’ll start off with a little introduction into my life. I have several chronic illnesses one of that being churg-strauss syndrome (EGPA) and the other russell-silver syndrome, i also had a stroke when i was 4 years old and have some developmental delays / disabilties. Because of all this, I’ve basically spent most of my life in the hospital, limiting my independence aswell as social skills and just overall ability to be a normal person. When i was about 21, my medical conditions seemed somewhat controlled so I thought i’d try getting a job, this would be my first job ever. I know 21 is pretty late to finally get a job due to my circumstance it was as soon as i could. I applied for so many jobs just trying to get my foot in the door, i didn’t care what it entailed i just needed a job because at this point i was very depressed and feeling like my disabilities defined me, and i had no purpose and would never have a normal life. Anyways, I had applied basically at every job opportunity that was in a 5 mile radious from my house and every place i had, all of the places turning me down saying i could not hold a job due to me being in the hospital so often and requiring more leniency than “normal” people.

This all changed one day when i was shopping for a couch for my tiny house in cherry creek, when me and my mom got over to cherry creek, we saw Pizzability, a pizzeria with an amazing concept of hiring the differently abled. Me and my mom went inside, and we asked if we could speak to the boss.The owner came over, very friendly saying “How can i help you?” and i explained my situation saying that I’ve been looking for a job for so long but due to my illnesses, every place has turned me down. She looked at me and said “come behind the counter, lets see if you can pour a beer.” Because bartending was also a big part of the job. The staff at pizzability were giving me tips showing me how to angle the glass when pouring to ensure minimal amounts of foam. I “did a great job” and then she said, which surprised me very much and made me really happy, “When can you start” I looked at Tiffany, the boss and my mom with a big grin on my face, with an amazing feeling of hope in my heart that I hadn’t had in so long “I can start monday” I said, eagerly.

Fast forward a few months I had learned so many amazing skills, from making pizzas, pouring beer, socializing with people, and most importantly understanding to embrace my disabilities and not be ashamed by them. Before i worked here, i was feeling defined by my conditions like i was just an illness and it controlled my life and i had no real purpose even when i tried to talk to people about my struggles, nobody outside of my family wanted to listen, they would just change the subject. This is what made me ashamed of my illnesses and made me feel like i just shouldn’t ever mention it, just keep it to myself because people didn’t care to know or it made them pitty me of feel bad so they just wanted to avoid it all together. Well, at my new job, Pizzability the concept literally revolves around people like me, i had so many people to talk to about my struggles and they could relate and we all just got along so well, I finally found a place where I was accepted. This place was not a job to me, but a family where we understood each other and could talk to one another without avoiding the most important topic, our disabilities, the struggles that yes aren’t ideal and are very unfortunate, but it is a huge part of our lives and makes us who we are. The reason i say “was” is not because i dont work there anymore, i do technically but the business as a whole expanded into a brewery and the location moved into Englewood, CO.After some time, Brewability started off as just a brewery that served craft beer. Eventually they build a kitchen into it and we started serving Pizza and beer and had a much bigger venue which allowed us book all kinds of fun events, such as bingo, live music, yoga and other fun things.This job is one of the best things that could have possibly happened to me, before i was very depressed, feeling hopeless, feeling likea failure who had no purpose and would never really amount to anything because i was confined to these disabiltiies / conditions like i would never really be a normal, independant person. But that was far from the truth I learned through this amazing job yes, i have struggles most don’t have to deal with but that doesn’t make me any less capable, they’re just obstaclesthat try to slow me down and stop me, but once i embraced them and was able to feel comfortable talking about them to people, i realized this is what makes me, me.

A person once told me, “Pain is hard, and sucks but its what you choose to do with it that matters”and it really spoke to me, yes my life has been filled with pain and hardship and sucks for the momment, but in the long run, turns into a very valuable lesson and things i wouldn’t have known about life, and myself if i hadn’t gone through it. Like my favorite bible verse says, “For his anger lasts only a moment, but his favor lasts a lifetime; weeping may stay for the night, but rejoicing comes in the morning” All the pain, and suffering and struggles of illness i’ve gone through had made me the  person I am today and has taught me so much because I perservered through it.

 After a year and a half working at Brewability, which has now been expanded and merged with Pizzability, I am now a Manager and absolutely love working there, and love my coworkers. I now i have the amazing opportunity to teach others valuable skills and giveback to others the amazing gift i have been given.

What do I want you to take away from this blog? That having a job at Brewability, has changed my life for the better and has opened up so many doors, and new opportunities and just made me a better person all together. I have hope, I feel normal, and most importantly, I have a purpose.