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My name is Avery Becker.

I would like to start by explaining why i decided to make a blog. I love to write, and also sing and would like to possibly someday turn my little singing hobby into a little more I guess. I would also like to just show the world what i can do.  I think sometimes people don’t think they can learn anything from a kid like me, I’m going to prove them wrong.


I will now explain the story of my life.

I am a 19 year old male i live in Colorado. The reason i decided to make this blog is because i have a lot of time on my hands because I’m “sick” alot and I would like to

just have something that i am proud of and I want to share my world with people. Even if my viewers do not always like what i post i guess i just would like something to be proud of or brag about haha.

I’ve always loved to write since i was in middle school. I would like to think of myself as a good writer.. Even if its not true.

i just thought if i create a blog i could have something to show someone.  I will now tell the story of my life in short.

I’m not exactly the “Average” American. I basically grew up in the Hospital. It all started at birth.  Basically i was born with something called Russell silver syndrome.  It’s a form of dwarfism, but you are proportionate.  I have a lot of stomach and intestinal issues which they told me was pseudo obstruction, and I have one more i will get to later.

I was diagnosed with these  diseases when i was around 2-3 years old. What it means is I have an extra amount of eosinophils. When you have too many they attack your nerves and just cause a lot of problems (I would not recommend it).


When i was 4 years old I was on TPN, which is  basically nutrients and fat infused intravenously, so I have a central line.  That’s an Iv that is placed through your chest and it goes into your heart.  That’s how I eat now.  We did this because whenever i would eat, I would throw up.  I would get nauseous because i have motility and stomach problems and I would also drink all the time and then get really sick, so the doctors decided to just stop letting me drink and just decided TPN would hydrate me and give me what I need.  When I was younger I was really tiny because of the Russel-Silver Syndrome. I was always called “Baby” in school because i was the size of a baby and my classmates looked like they could be my parents next to me [And because i was and still am really cute].  I was really quiet in school and no one thought I could talk either because I was so painfully shy.  They called that selective mutism.  I sure have a lot of diagnosis.

I was approximately 18 bs when i was four. Always tiny. Anyways, Due to me being on tpn and me being so small, I think all the sugar i had in TPN and due to the doctors not checking my blood sugars while on the TPN, I had a Massive Stroke.

At that point after i had the stroke, the Doctors thought i would not live.  They had told my parents that I probably wouldn’t live past 4, but after the stroke it was even scarier for my parents because it was happening. Even if i did live after the stroke they said I may never walk or talk again and I would have to learn everything over again.

‘But a miracle happened. God was with me every moment even if the doctors were didn’t believe in me, God did.. There was one point after the stroke my pastor and parents were praying that i would be okay and at the end, I said “Amen”.  My mom said that was the first word of my new life.  My life of starting over.  I think that could be why i am alive today.  God wasn’t done with me yet.  He had more planned for me.

Jesus gave me the strength to keep fighting, and prove the doctors wrong. And i did. I obviously wasn’t cured or I wouldn’t be sitting here in the hospital right now, but God gave me back my life so i was just happy i got a second chance.  I did learn to walk and talk and I proved the doctors wrong.

I’ve had countless surgeries and procedures.  I honestly  could not possibly count. I’ve had a few nissans and a lot of stomach surgeries etc..

I’ve been going to the hospital on at least a weekly basis if not daily when I’m out of here.  This has been going on for almost for 19 years. The last two or three years of my life I’ve been outpatient for probably 5 months at most. I also get ulcers a lot they come and go. Not too long i was then diagnosed with Churg Strauss syndrome (C.S.S) It’s a very rare disease. It mostly affects older people around 50-70. I am obviously not that old…. yet..:-)

It affects very few people so they call it rare and for a kid, its super rare so doctors don’t know what to do about it most of the time.  They have to find specialists to help them out.  someone told me there are about 40 kids  in the world who have CSS.

I just have countless things going on and it would take me forever to explain everything. So, I’ll just tell you what i do know and what has happened recently. Churg Strauss is an auto immune disease.  Which means unlike most people, i have too strong of an immune  system, and since it has nothing to do it attacks my organs.  It attacks my lungs and my stomach and my intestines.  Because of this they give me meds to knock out my immune system.  They use chemo drugs and now I’m on a really experimental drug so I don’t have an immune system at all. So it is very easy for me to catch things. After i had the stroke when I was 4 it caused me to have seizures. I have had them off and on for probably 15 years.

Anyways,  the reason i made this blog is because i would just like to share my story and like I said,  I guess have something to show that i am proud of in my life.  That maybe I could help someone else and help people to understand.  I’ve always loved writing and recently started singing and learned I really like that too. I spent a lot of time in the hospital with my music therapist they taught me a lot about singing, but I have a lot more to learn. I love singing now and love making new songs.

A big portion of my blog will be about the songs I’ve written, and you may see a lot of singing.

So, tell me your honest opinion about my writing or singing in the comments. Even if you think i suck that is fine.. Just means i have room to improve. I don’t want to be like those people who go on “American Idol” and say “My mom and friends told me I am a good singer”  So i would much rather you tell me i suck if its true rather than saying I’m great.

Don’t be afraid to hurt my feelings:-) I will be posting lyrics of my songs I wrote, and a video of me singing them.


Stay tuned and comment how you liked this post on my blog it would be very much appreciated 





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